6 Steps to Achieve a Flawless Complexion


Here are the top 6 steps and products you should be using before applying makeup and 6 daily beauty routines you should try for a flawless complexion. Share this with your friends who want a inside scoop what professional makeup artist’s do. This may change your life!
Steps before putting on makeup
1. Face Lotion for daily moisture and oil-control (with SPF is always great!)
2. Primer to protect your skin from destruction of collagen on your face and even out skin texture
3. If you have creases and large pores apply POREfessional by Benefit. Just apply this silky, lightweight balm by patting on problem areas and blend with fingertips
4. Around the eye use MAC’s Fast Response Eye Cream. For tired days, this helps with baggage and darkness around the eye.  It’s also a great under eye primer for concealer.
5. Before applying eyeshadow use MAC eye primer (sold in 3 different colors to match your skin)
It will help your eyeshadow last all day and make sure none of your eyeshadows fall on your face.
6. Before applying lipstick exfoliate for soft & smooth lips
Only takes 30 seconds! You can even find products in your kitchen for a DIY scrub.
Brown sugar added with vaseline works great.
After these steps your ready to apply your makeup!
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Daily routines that you may want to consider
1. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week; either a mask or scrub
I prefer a peel off mask. It exfoliates my skin, cleans my pores and removes baby hairs at the same time.
Plus its fun to peel off 🙂
Also I found that any brand does the same effect so you don’t need to spend a lot of money.
 2. Use a daily moisturizer with SPF on your face and neck
3. Always wash your face before bed
4. Use Vitamin E on your face and neck at night,
you will wake up with glowing skin
5. Definitely get your face threaded to remove peach fuzz
and groom those eyebrows
6. Take Biotin daily; a vitamin
that makes your skin, nails and hair healthy!

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