Lunchtime with Bento Boxes!

Have you heard of the amazing Bento/Bentgo boxes yet?

They are an amazing way to take lunchtime to another level!

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Benefits of Bento boxes are:

+ Reduced waste – the compartments keep your food from touching

+ Health benefits – portion sizes are controlled with ratios being set out before your very eyes

+ Making food fun – jazzing up otherwise unappealing foods into something exciting

So if you’re interested in taking a leaf out of our Japanese friends’ book, here are a few sites to help you on your way:

Happy Little Bento – Sherimiya will guide you through with meals with a hint of Asian influence

Wendolonia – with over 1000 packed lunches under her belt, Wendy is a Bento box pro!

Bentobloggy – is your go-to Bento blog for unique and fun ideas for getting your kids to eat what you eat – in a whole new way. – with a weekly linkup on Wednesdays, there is plenty of amazing creations floating around.

BentoMonsters – full of tutorials, tools and recipes for the beginner Bento boxer.

BentOnBetterLunches – with five children to pack lunches for, this blog shows you fun ways to create a lunch with a theme.

How creative do you get with your school lunches?

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