How to Get Beautiful Skin Overnight

Getting clear, beautiful skin has always been a struggle for me. Growing up, I dealt with a lot of acne – not enough to make serious medication necessary, but definitely enough to make my life extra annoying. I was always searching for acne medication that worked and wasn’t too much of a hassle to use. I spent most of college trying to figure out how to make the skin on my face less dry, then how to make it less oily, then how to make it softer. Now, my acne is better, but I still look for ways to diminish my pores and get rid of the occasional pimple. It’s exhausting!

I’m willing to be that most of you deal with these better skin attempt struggles. That’s why I’m happy to share something that has been working for me: overnight treatments and tricks.Putting a DIY mask on your face overnight helps you wake up with soft, moisturized skin – and it’s awesome. So whether you want to get rid of acne or hydrate your face, here are 15 tips on how to get beautiful skin overnight. Because why shouldn’t you wake up looking – and feeling – awesome?


1. First, here are a bunch of tips on getting rid of pimples overnight.


Your best bet when trying to get rid of a zit is to do it overnight, because quick fixes are really rare. Your skin needs time to get rid of the blemish, and doing that while you’re sleeping is ideal, because it’s one of the only times you’re probably not touching your face, or putting anything against it.


2. Make your own acne treatment mask to use while you’re sleeping.


There are overnight acne treatments you can buy, or you can choose to make your own. Making your own is a good option because you know exactly what’s going on your face, and you might save some money.


3. Make an overnight spot treatment instead of a full mask.


Sometimes you just have one pimple you want to get rid of. When that happens, make your own overnight spot treatment. Spot treatment works on little spots (just like it sounds), and using it overnight is the best way to use it so that it really has time to work.


4. In a pinch, use lemon juice on pimples.


If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to do anything or buy anything, use a little lemon juice on your pimple. It might burn a little.


5. Make your own tomato and honey mask. 


Tomatoes are a secret acne fighter that give you great skin, while honey moisturizes and makes skin feel super soft. If you don’t mind feeling sticky all night long, make this two-ingredient mask for glowing skin in the AM. I suggest wrapping a towel around your pillow and putting your hair back, because this might get messy.


6. Don’t smush your face into the pillow.


Pillows are full of bacteria and dirt, and can contribute to acne or oily, dirty skin. It’s not realistic to wash or change your pillow case every night, so instead, adopt different sleep habits. If you can’t sleep on your back all night long, sleep so that only half your face is on the pillow.


7. Make a serum for undereye circles.


Waking up with dark under-eye circles is the worst. This little DIY serum is easy to make and works overnight to create eyes that look like you actually got some rest.


8. You can also use honey as a spot treatment.



9. Use a humidifier overnight for moisture. 


One of the worst things you can do to your skin is dry it out. Overnight, different temperatures can make your skin super dry. A humidifier helps keep it hydrated.


10. Apply eye cream at night to get rid of puffy under-eye bags.


Wake up without puffy eyes by using eye cream before you go to bed.


11. Keep hands soft with socks and Vaseline.


Uh, your face isn’t the only skin you need to worry about! Get the softest hands ever by putting Vaseline on them, then covering them with socks or gloves.


12. You can also make something to keep your feet soft.


This DIY foot mask is great for soft feet, especially in the winter.


13. Mix honey and yogurt for glowing skin.


If you don’t mind having this concoction on your face all night, go for it! It will give you brighter, soft skin.


14. Add a little vitamin E to your normal regime. 



15. Mix coconut oil and tea tree oil for an easy face mask. 


Tea tree oil helps with acne, while coconut oil hydrates, moisturizes, and leaves skin super soft.


Which of these overnight beauty treatments are you going to try? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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