Makeover Alert Gigi Hadid Has Watermelon-Pink Hair

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In a world where celebrities switch up their haircut and color pretty much every day (ahem, looking at you, Lucy Hale), we’ve grown accustomed to seeing our social media feeds blow up every five hours with pictures of some celeb makeover. Generally, we know who and what to expect: Lucy Hale will get a choppy, chocolate-brown lob, Kendall Jenner will dye her hair platinum blonde, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum will get blunt, mod bangs. But today, our thumb stopped mid-scroll when we saw Gigi Hadid’s new and totally unexpected hair change: watermelon-pink hair with short, choppy bangs. Whaaat. Yes!!

First of all, Hadid looks cool as hell. And second, we officially have FOMO with this pink-hair trend, seeing as pretty much every celebrity has traded in their natural color and hopped onto the fifty shades of pink train, including Ashley Benson, who lobbed off her blonde hair for tangerine-pink waves last month, and then Hailey Baldwin, who ditched her iconic blonde hair for a soft-pink hue a few months ago.

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Credit: Instagram | @gigihadid

Hadid showed off her new hair in an Instagram picture this morning while wearing a gray tracksuit and white slippers, proving that it really does take a model to make sweaty, lazy-day clothes look cool outside of the gym. But the real mastermind behind Hadid’s hair transformation is hairstylist Kenna (first-name only, of course, like Cher) of salon Kenna Land, who has worked with the likes of Stella Maxwell and Jourdan Dunn. And, by the looks of it, Kenna transformed the model’s hair into a nearly un-recognizable shade of pink with choppy bangs all through the use of a really kick-ass wig.

Yeah, sorry, folks, but we’re pretty sure Hadid’s new look is actually a wig, solely because, well, it kind of looks like a wig. And, seeing as we’re only days away from fashion week, we highly doubt that Hadid would jump on such a drastic hair and color change. But, wig or not, I think we can all agree (AGREE WITH US) that Hadid looks awesome, and hopefully, just hopefully, this leads to a permanent hair change after fashion week ends.

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